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Veterans Court of Southern Indiana Mentor Veterans

Veterans Treatment Courts are successful in part because they link troubled veterans with volunteer veteran mentors. Mentor veterans will also be present at each court proceeding. Mentors are here to ensure that you receive the support and assistance to achieve success in Veterans Court and in your life.

Volunteer Veteran Mentors may assist veterans with the following:

  • Skills testing and an education assessment
  • Job training and job-readiness training
  • School or other educational services
  • Job placement services
  • Family counseling
  • Life skills classes
  • Public Assistance/Medicaid
  • Recreational activities

Since 2004, the number of veterans being treated for mental illness and substance-use disorders has increased 38%. It is estimated that out of the over 2.4 million veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, approximately 460,000 (20%) suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or major depression.